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san benito COUNTY 

Cities serviced:

San Juan Bautista
Tres Pinos

We are process service experts and legal service professionals in San Benito County California. Our twenty plus years of "hands on" experience gives us an edge ahead of our competitors. The tricks of the trade only gained by experience are closely guarded and passed from our more experienced process servers to our newer process servers. We have monthly meetings to discuss problems that arise and are continually refining our business model.

We provide full-service legal support, including process serving, skip tracing, and court services throughout the State of California.

Our offices throughout the state are electronically linked. We communicate by daily emails, phone calls and in person meetings. This allows us to send information back and forth with relative ease. We dispatch our assignments centrally and process your assignments locally. Our process servers can be dispatched in any city of California. Same day assignments can be received by our Main office and dispatched to our process servers in the field. We've adapted with technology and implemented procedures that embrace current technology. This allows us to handle all of your assignments quickly and efficiently. The efficiency in the "How" we conduct business allows us to pass the savings on to you the customer. 

San Benito County Process Servers: